dawin checkMaster Selects Resco MobileForms
Toolkit for Top Notch Mobile GUI Development


“With Resco we found the ideal Toolkit for our premium mobile GUI design”


Laws, safety regulations, service-level agreements and many service procedures demand a systematic and documentable validation of tasks, object conditions or services completed. For this purpose almost every company utilizes some sort of check list.

dain checkMaster

Usually these lists are self made and are given to service technicians or other personnel on a sheet of paper. Checking procedures and results are then written down on this document and later on processed into the according excel list or reporting file for further analysis or documentation.

Clearly check lists on paper are easy to use. However, many companies are unhappy with the inefficiency in regards to data entry time, accuracy of data and timely availability of up-to-date information.

That’s where dawin checkMaster comes in. The most recent software development of dawin® gmbh, a German software company based in Troisdorf (near Cologne), allows companies to design individual testing procedures and quality measurements as a mobile checklist. dawin checkMaster is available as a client-/PDA based software solution and as a web based version.

Numerous mobile tasks such as service-level validations, stock taking, status inspections etc. can be executed comfortably on site with a PDA or Smartphone. Features such as voice recordings, digital signatures and digital imaging enhance the usability of the program. In addition, existing data, such as customer or object master data or information from MS Outlook (i.e. addresses, time schedules, tasks, etc.) can be imported into the checkMaster database, thus reducing administrative work.

With the touch of a button, checking data will be documented and can be analyzed immediately after completion. Because of its wide variety of uses the dawin checkMaster program needs to be very simple and easy to use.

“Our customers come from many industries such as: cleaning services, industrial maintenance, retail, public sector, architecture and even educational institutions. They all expect dawin checkMaster program to be as easy to use as a sheet of paper” says Jan Dressler, CEO dawin® gmbh.

Therefore the GUI for dawin checkMaster’s PDA/Smartphone version had to meet high expectations in design as well as usability.


While developing a flexible and productive business application like the dawin checkMaster is quite a challenge in itself, it soon became evident, that adding a compelling, easy-to-use user interface would be a difficult task especially when relying solely on the controls shipped with Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment, Visual Studio 2008.

dawin checkMaster

Even the simplest tasks, like adding an icon to a button, would require additional coding on dawin®’s side, and when looking at more difficult challenges like extending the built-in grid functionality or implementing touch-scrolling, this would simply have been way too time-consuming to program on one’s own. So the natural choice was to look for 3rd party components which covered dawin checkMaster’s needs.


Enter Resco Mobile Forms Toolkit. The package had the components we needed, plus a multitude of other features which we could use for other aspects of the software as we developed it further. And compared to competitors, the price/feature comparison was unmatched. Another criteria was the support for both CF.NET 2.0 and 3.5 versions.

A major goal of our software development was to create a visually stunning user interface, and Resco provided exactly what we needed. A few examples:

  • The ImageButton gave us the possibility to design a rich user interface with appealing graphics and large buttons to encourage the use of fingers instead of the stylus. The ability to set multiple icon graphics for different screen resolutions enabled us to create an attractive GUI on QVGA and VGA devices, with no extra effort.
  • The AdvancedList provided touch scrolling for larger lists of text information, which we used instead of the standard grid in some dialogs. The ability to set different visual styles for different row states maximises user-friendliness.
  • The AdvancedTree is an amazing replacement for the standard tree control. Again, the ability to set different styles for each row made a huge difference compared to the limitations of the standard tree. This control allows the user to choose between different views of a tree, and allows the developer to discern between node types and to display only the information needed on the current node.
  • The DateTimePicker made life a easier for developers, since it contained additional events that are missing from the standard control. Additional methods and properties enhance the appearance of the control so improving the layout for the user
  • Audio simplified the recording of voice messages and gave us the ability to integrate recording directly into our application, rather than relying on the standard Windows Mobile recording mechanism.

These are just examples of cases that made life easier for us when using Resco Mobile Forms Toolkit.

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